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Agricultural Studies
Farm to Fable: Outdoor Learning Program

Growing saints from the ground up!

Mount St. Michael is blessed with a unique campus that provides ample outdoor space for all kinds of learning initiatives. A small barn, constructed by families on the north side of the property, houses several sheep, geese, and flock of chickens. Mount St. Michael Catholic School launched Farm to Fable, an outdoor classroom/ learning initiative that incorporates more green time into the curriculum and the daily lives of the students. Outdoor learning targets STREAM learning opportunities, Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Art and Math and cross curriculum approaches to make learning more fun, interactive, and “natural.” At Mount St. Michael, we believe in more green time and less screen time and our classical curriculum dovetails perfectly with this approach. Natural surroundings, plants, and animals are also nurturing to our faith, as it brings us into communion with the beautiful world that God created and reminds us of His Glory and Greatness. We are growing saints literally from the ground up!

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