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Christian Community of God’s Delight (CCGD)

The Christian Community of God’s Delight is a community of families called by God into a covenant relationship to help one another grow in holiness and to help lead others into a deeper relationship with God.  Mount St. Michael Catholic School was founded by the CCGD and remains an apostolate of this faith community.

Some would describe CCGD as a “family of families”. The name of the Community comes from Isaiah 62:3-4: “You are to be a crown of splendour in the hand of Yahweh. A princely diadem in the hand of God; no longer are you to be named ‘Forsaken,’ nor your land ‘Abandoned,’ but you shall be called ‘My Delight.’”  CCGD developed out of a movement of the Holy Spirit in the Catholic Church called the “Charismatic Renewal” in the late 1960’s.

CCGD members participate in their local Mass or services and then gather on Sunday afternoons at 4pm in the Mount St. Michael Catholic School gymnasium (4500 W Davis Dallas) for spirit-filled worship, sharing of God's Word, exercise of the spiritual gifts and encouraging each other in prayer.

CCGD has many ministries to serve adults, youth, and children. The Formation ministry focuses on the forming those seeking a Life in the Spirit, while Small Groups through the North Texas area keep the membership connected in order to meet individual and family needs. During the weekly Sunday gatherings youth participate in the High School Ministry (9th -12th grades) and Middle School Ministry (6th - 8th grades).  CCGD also sponsors Camp Jesus, a summer camp for 1st - 6th grades, and an All Saints Party as an alternative to the secular celebration of Halloween.

For more information about the Christian Community of God’s Delight, please visit their website.

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