One of our goals is to help students fall in love with learning so they become lifelong learners. This involves a sense of delight and inquiry. Rigor and academic accomplishment are important facets of our program. However, at MSMCS, we pursue aim to wonder as much as --if not more than --- we pursue rigor. We always want students working to their highest potential. But more than that, we want students who are becoming fully formed, well balanced, and genuinely moral human beings. Within Classical education, there is an ongoing and healthy tension between academic rigor and a sense of developing wonder. Our little school embraces this. We are academically excellent, and we dig deeply in our schoolwork; but we also make room for fun and laughter, for nature study and service work. The Montessori and Classical approaches to education along with the Arts, Physical Education, and Latin align with these criteria to create a cohesive educational program to form students in courageous virtue grounded in the truth of Christ.