Montesori:  Image of God (Ignatius Press)
3K - 6th: Enrichment  Catechesis of the Good Shepherd
1st - 8th:  Faith and Life Series (Ignatius Press)
7th - 8th:  Theology of the Body - Middle School Edition (Ascension Press)

Language Arts

Montesori: New American Cursive (Memoria Press)
1st - 2nd: Superkids (Rowland Reading Foundation)
3rd - 6th: Excellence in Writing Structure and Style (Institute for Excellence in Writing)
3rd - 8th: Vocabulary Workshop (Sadlier) 
3rd - 8th: English Grammar Recitation (Memoria Press)
7th - 8th: Lost Tools of Writing (CiRCE Institute)


1st - 6th:  Math in Focus - Singapore Math (HMHCo)
7th:  Horizons Pre-Algebra (Alpha Omega)
8th:  Horizons Algebra 1 (Alpha Omega)


1st - 4th:  Nancy Larson Science
5th - 8th:  Science Explorer (Prentice Hall)


Montesori: Montessori Materials developed by Mrs. Carol Weberg, MSMCS Latin Teacher
1st - 2nd:  Prima Latina (Memoria Press) & Song School Latin (Classical Academic Press)
                                                                                          3rd - 8th:  First-Fourth Form Latin (Memoria Press)

1st-4th: Connecting with History (RC History)

1st: Ancient Civilizations Literature: Kingfisher Children's Bible, The Children's Homer, Aristotle, Seven Blind Mice, Patrick: Patron Saint of Ireland
2nd: Middle Ages Literature: Beowulf the Warrior, Holy Twins, King Arthur, Twelfth Night, The Apple and the Arrow
3rd: Renaissance Literature: St. Isaac Jogues with the Burning Heart, Paradise Lost for Children, A Lion to Guard Us, Puss in Boots, Les Miserables
4th: Grade Modern (American) Literature: Sign of the Beaver; Snow Treasure; The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, A Paradise Called Texas

5th-8th Grade History: Catholic Textbook Project

5th: Ancient Civilizations Literature: The Kin, Tales of Ancient Egypt, Golden Goblet, Bronze Bow, Children's Homer
6th: Middle Ages Literature: Beowulf, The Adventures of Robin Hood, The Canterbury Tales, St. Joan: the Girl Soldier
7th: Renaissance Literature: Door in the Wall, Henry V, Pilgrim's Progress, Johnny Tremain, The Hobbit
8th: Modern Literature: Scarlet Pimpernel, Beau Gest, The Raven, The Importance of Being Earnest, The Hiding Place

History &    Literature