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enrichmentThe Enrichment opportunities at Mount St. Michael Catholic School offer a wide variety of fine arts and learning experiences for students.
Art is formally studied in the 1st-5th grade and as an elective in the 7th and 8th grades. In the classical curriculum, the study of art history including artists and works of art is supported by the study of drawing and filling in with color. Students in the 7th and 8th elective course "write" icons as their culminating project.
Band is required for all 6th grade students and is an elective in the 7th and 8th grades. As students grow, their learning experiences must expand to areas they may not otherwise have exposure. This helps them discover talents they might not otherwise recognize. This is the rationale for exposing all 6th grade students to experiences with instruments in our Beginning Band. Those with true interest may move to the Intermediate Band in the 7th and 8th grades.
Guidance is an integral part of the curriculum and life at Mount St. Michael Catholic School. Guidance is primarily provided by the homeroom teacher integrated throughout the school day. Our counselor is invited into the classroom to assist with special group sessions as well as provide sessions for individual students as needed. Guidance focuses on assisting students as they develop knowledge and skills in decision-making, goal-setting, planning, problem solving, communicating, and interpersonal effectiveness. All of these concepts are approached from our Christian world-view.
Music is provided for students in 3K-5th grades. Much like the art classes, music in the classical curriculum focuses on the study of music history including composers and musical works while studying the “grammar” of music. The grammar of music includes the reading of music, music notation, and creating music. Students in the 4th and 5th grades learn to play the recorder in preparation for the band experience. Students in the 4th grade write music for the Montessori children to perform while 5th grade students write a musical that is performed by the 1st-4th grade choir and dramatized by the 5th grade students.
Physical Education (PE) supports the mission of Mount St. Michael Catholic School to educate the whole child. Students are given opportunities to develop life-long habits of physical fitness as well as work on activities that aid in natural physical development. Students also learn the mechanics of a variety of sports. Sports are available as an after school activity coached by volunteer parents. Students in K-4th may participate as teams in fall/spring soccer and winter basketball through the YMCA. The Dallas Parochial League provides sports for the 5th-8th grades. Fall volleyball, winter basketball, spring baseball, cross country, and swimming are available to these older students.
Technology within the context of the classical curriculum takes its proper place as a tool. Students are taught the “grammar” of computer applications such as keyboarding and basic application usage in the grammar school. In the logic school, students delve more deeply into how to use these applications for communication and expression. Students are well prepared for the expectations of the high schools for entering freshmen. An internet filtering device, ComSifter, provides for the safety of our students as they learn to use the internet responsibly and effectively. Technology in a classical school provides a means to an end, knowledge and communication, rather than being an end in itself.